Please allow 3-5 days for us to fully review your application. This gives us enough time to contact all raid leaders looking to fill their roster.

IMPORTANT!: **CLICK HERE** to read Rules and Regulations.
It is mandatory to read the rules before applying to the Free Company. Please take your time to fill out the application to the best of your ability. Take the application process seriously, the more you provide us with, the greater the chances your application will be accepted. Try to respond with more than one sentence answers, it shows that you care as much as we do. Raiders - be thorough in your application. Having a good reference does not ensure acceptance.

Who is Ascended?
Ascended is a Free Company founded by a small group of friends who cherish the social aspect of the game above all else and are here to have fun. Among us are top tier raiders, some of which have achieved a multitude of World First and Seconds. The average skill level of players in the Free Company is above average and we will work with players who seek help in getting better. While we are proud of prior raiding achievements, we are most proud in saying that we are a family and enjoy playing the game with one another.

There are a few within the Free Company who will be attempting progression come new content in hopes of achieving a World First or fast progression kill title. These groups will push each other to their maximum potential by theory crafting, sharing raid information, and min/maxing all classes and content in the game. To be considered a raider, you must at minimum be current on the highest tier of content (As of now Alexander Savage) at the time of applying and/or join or form a static within the Free Company that is at least 5/8 members. More information on guild raiding ranks can be found *here*.

There is always room for people to move up to a raider position if that is your goal. Raiders will be placed into groups based on their performance, knowledge, and willingness to learn. We take raiding very seriously and encourage a raiding mindset, but will never admonish you for not being a raider.

All members of the Free Company will have the default title of "Member" and will be of equal standing to everyone. Players who decide to specialize in a role need to make it obvious in their application (ie. Crafter, Raider, etc). The title "Member" is specified for players whom do not wish to dabble in Raiding, Crafting, or leadership positions but are merely here to be a part of the family and enjoy their time online. Being a member of Ascended gives you the opportunity to play with players of all skill levels and form bonds and friendships.

Crafting Applicants will be those who excel in the arts of crafting and who wish to to make that their main role within the Free Company. Exceptional crafters will be sponsored by the Free Company to help elevate their crafts to a higher level come new content. Crafters are expected to help alleviate financial problems by crafting for Free Company members at a discount price. Although this is not required, we highly value players who handle business in this format and will reward said players.
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